Mining Order VS Designated Zones

So here is the problem:
I want to designate a zone within a cleared space that a mining order has “zoned” for removing blocks. Which is confusing because a mining order interferes by creating a zone and is not in the designated zones menu.
What would be better?
1- Update the mining zone to only include blocks that are not empty.
2- Simply allow the zones to overlap.

Right now I have to babysit the mining operation because I have limited space for stockpiles, and I have plans for this space and do not want to have to move items unnecessarily.

Yeah, I can remove the mining order and then re-select the zone that isn’t finished, but it doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to include this in the next few updates.

It sort of already does this. Basically, if you select an area, it shrinks the mining zone down to the the maximum X and Y voxel in the selection. So with you working underground, it’s going to create the mining zone that includes everywhere you selected.

I don’t know what you mean by this, as you can combine as many zones as you want.

Not to be rude…but this is very much a personal problem. Honestly, creating stone chests to store everything in would save you a lot more space though.

So all that being said…I personally don’t understand what this suggestion is asking. If you can explain better, I’d appreciate it.

This would be ideal. Remove the part of the yellow mining area as soon as that part (either single blocks or 4x4x5 areas) is mined. This would not only remove the ugly yellow zone floating in nothing but would also solve this problem by making zones usable as soon as part of it is mined.

glad someone gets it.
alpha problems. I already scrapped that game because of another bug in the game