Mining into a mountain

Does mining into a mountain to make a large area and slapping a door on front count as shelter?

Don’t see why it doesn’t ?

  1. Moving your flag inside
  2. Make a tunnel where you can place 3 or more tunneldoors behind eachother.
  3. Cheap fortress accomplished

Should but … replace the cold stone floor with a nice stone, wood or clay foundation.
This should work … probably

Windows are the only problem you can’t rlly fix down there :stuck_out_tongue:

With the new feature of “personal space” you may run into hearthlings getting sad and cramped. ( Currently there isn’t any easy way to make tunnels taller)

Also another thing is that you can’t grow crops underground anymore as far as I know? But there’s nothing wrong with a temporary underground space right now! I use mine mostly for storage piles.