How to build a mountain hall?

heya is there anyway i can hollow out a mountain so i can build a city in its confines?

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i might have misunderstood your question, but you should be able to just use the mining tool along with the slice view in order to mine out a mountain.

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Yep! Hearthlings can mine out anything you’d like using the two mining tools. They allow you to designate a 4x4x4 cube or a 1x1 cube (and you can drag both tools to select larger regions).

Digging up is currently pretty painful, so I recommend starting from the top by building ladders up the side of the mountain and digging downward. Just remember to give them a path out of the hole so they can return to food and shelter.


wont that leave me with a giant hole ontop of the mountain tho?

A hole, yes, but not necessarily a giant one. They just need a path in.

For the moment, you can’t fill in the hole with dirt, but you could build a cover when you’re done digging. Later, when Team Stonehearth add in the ability to manipulate terrain, you can tear down that cover and fill it in properly.

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