Massive RAM usage and freezing

Ever since this last update my game after a while of playing ive noticed is using like 6-7gb of my ram and my game will freeze, sound will go static and erratic, everything stops then a few minutes later its fine, aaaaand then it starts again. And sometimes just loading into the main menu the game will just close to desktop, no errors or anything.

System specs:
Mobo: Gigabyte z77x-UD5H
RAM: 8gb g-skill DDR3 ram running at 1600mhz
VC: Nvidia GTX 650 TI 2gb
CPU: Intel I7 3770k 3.6ghz quad core.


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Hey there @Alestron,

What version are you playing? You can find it in the top left corner of the screen when the game is running, or the bottom left of the menu screen.

Are you playing the game in windowed or fullscreen mode?

I am playing the very latest build, not experimental versions. and I am playing fullscreen, with all settings to max, I have never had an issue before.

So unusual memory usage was mentioned a few days ago on the same build (assuming you are running release-465).
Going to page @Albert for you to see if there is a known memory leak in the latest build…

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Ah I see, so likely not my system then, so I should just wait until a fix is released.

I can’t confirm that…but it is likely…

Ok thank you for responding to this issue.

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I’m seeing huge memory and CPU usage with all the builds (latest of 472 included).

Looks like there’s a lot of work to be done with optimising things, but it’s still an ‘alpha’ so that’s what we have to expect.


Hey there @SkoZombie, can you share a few more details about your system?

What operating system are you running?

What are you system specs (CPU, RAM, GPU, etc.)?

Can you share a save that you are experiencing issues with?

[quote=“SkoZombie, post:8, topic:17564”]
I’m seeing huge memory and CPU usage with all the builds (latest of 472 included).
[/quote]all the time? or just every once in awhile?

awesome attitude :smile:

Sorry for the delay, didn’t see any notifications via email and forgot to manually check.

I have a 64 gig PC with a 4 GHz i7-6700 and a GTX 1080 Ti.

Even with version 1.0 I still get stuttering and can’t reliably play the game at full speed with 41 citizens. I end up getting frustrated and quitting. I stopped playing for a long time because of this but came back for v1.0

Ram :’)? Christ dude do you like running the same game ten times at once :’)?