Map idea for the game

I dont know if this has been talking about earlier.

But it It would be cool if the villagers and soldiers could leave the map area where the first village is built and explore the other map “Pieces” on the world map and maybe with a loading screen between
on the other map they could build a new village or visit npc villages or cities where the quest givers comes from.
If an enemy is walking towards 1 of your other villages you get a message on the screen with an alert and with the name what village that are being attacked .

Maybe this is the Devs idea as well in the future

Would also be cool if the player could go fishing if there are any lake or sea nearby.
Also it would be cool if it was possible to have a cart, horse carriage and horses

I felt that I had to complain a little bit
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this is a concept that actually is being thought out. although the visable world will likely be the same size, it will be sorrunderd by a border and you will be able to interact with something in order to travle to other places. on stream 200 some concepts were shown.

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As I’ve said in other threads today, I’ve been in hiatus since May 2013 just after the game accomplished it’s Kickstarter goal.

But, this post almost concerns me. Back during the kickstarter, the end game was based on two things: 1. fight massive god-like monsters called titans that could easily destroy your town if you weren’t careful. and 2. explore a procedurally generated, near infinite world populated with random quests, towns (mostly bunny people, goblins, and dwarves) and uncover magical treasures via dungeons and questlines. In fact, I know one of the promises was to develop alternate “plains” for you to explore. It was the $500,000 award tier specifically.

So unless they’ve drastically changed the scope of the game in the past 3 years (which is certainly possible, though very disappointing), you not only have a procedurally generated world to explore, but multiple planes of existence to explore as well!

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In one of the recent streams (#199?) Allie talked about how they were going to present the borders of the world. One of the ideas was to show the world if it were the pages of a book. One of the other concepts was also a floating sky island. Perhaps that’s how they’ll handle alternate planes which are still planned.

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I’d be happy if they DIDN’T do an infinite playable area. It’s already frustrating watching your hearthlings loot that first Orc village. I shudder to think how we would loot a mine or something that is x10 further away.

The infinite world was put on ice a long time ago, to focus on getting good performance on a smaller map that is big enough for a town and some threatening wildlife. I was hoping for the big world as well, but considering that the game is a city builder at it’s core and they so far have performance issues even at the smaller map I think most people agree that they’re making the right call.

The rpg quests could be solved by sending your adventuring party to separate maps.

There have been several suggestions/discussions like this on the forum recently of connecting separate cities/saves. I’m not sure what the devs have said about it though, more than encouraging people to suggest solutions. Either way, it probably wont happen any time soon.

As far as I remember we haven’t heard any details about the alternate plains and how they’re supposed to work. That goal could probably be solved by making other worldly bioms or having quests that send your adventuring party to a small map on the other side of a portal.

Allies concepts of the edge of the map were in stream 200 and I’m quite sure that they were just about how to hide the edge or visualize it in a better way. Not about how to access the rest of the world.

hmmm… that’s a bit disappointing considering the procedurally generated, near-infinite world was what sold me on the game.

Or more specifically, having a massive map to explore and encounter fun stories in. My impression of Stonehearth at the time of the kickstarter was something like a voxel-based version of King of Dragon Pass. If you haven’t played that game, you should check it out, but in a nutshell you help guide a small village/town through a variety of religious, political, and societal upheavals on your road to (hopefully) become the King of Dragon Pass. You do manage a town, but the real joy is the exploration of the world around you.

We’ll see how the game continues to progress. I don’t really need a procedurally generated world, I just want something that allows for a unique narrative experience (mixed with great city building game play)