Many noob questions (fungi, shepparding, fences, brewing, food spoiling and more)

Hi all. Discovered this game about a week ago. I really like it, but my questions have accumulated. Sorry if stuff has been asked before, I didn’t read through everything, but I searched bf posting.
Version: 1.1.0
Mods: ACE latest version, miner prof, crafter queue,stoneheart beam, extra map options
I’m playing Ascension on gentle (yeah I’m a wuss).


  1. Glowshrooms don’t count as mushrooms in my game, at least for the cook. Is that a bug or working as intended?
  2. I read through the brewer description, but I can’t figure out how to make ale (race specific?)
  3. What’s the point of mushroom colonies? Do I get more out of them if I craft and plant them?
  4. Who harvests or chops the tree farms and orchards, farmers only?
  5. Do the domesticated animals (not pets) ever die or do I have to kill them if I want meat?
  6. Are the weaver made backpacks decorative? So far I haven’t seen anyone picking up more than 3 items with a leather backpack equipped.
  7. Does it matter which way doors and windows face (arrowvise)?
  8. I’m almost ready to re-embark and play on normal (Ascension again). What’s a recommended Fighter/Population ratio (right now I can easily play with 30 hearthlings without too much lag)
  9. I was very lucky and got 4 autonomous cricket golems from traders. I love the little guys. Is there a way to cheat to get them again (trigger the encounter or so)?
    Last one…
  10. I have real trouble building fences. Right now my animals love to visit the others pens because I have these gaps that I can’t fill. Every time I place a short fence piece, it jumps back or forth 1 square.

Is there a trick to it? And also, can I use cave walls as borders for a pen?

Thx in advance.

Forgot one: How fast does food spoil? Does the weather/season matter (summer vs winter)? Is the cold box less efficient than the refridgerator?

Now I’m done! :slight_smile:

2 it is a multi step process, just look for ale in the craft list for the needed components
3 every gathered, not harvested mushroom plant can become 3 colonies that each become a mushroom plant. Meaning infinite food source
4 farmers and maybe cooks
5 they can die from starving or getting injured, the sheperd can be szt to automaticly harvest the animals when a certain number has been achieved. Manual harvesting is also an option just leave two of a species for breeding
6 not more items but faster picking and placing, as written in description
8 pick the craftersyou want first, then add fighters if possible
9 take them with you when reembarking, or use the debug tools mod from the left most list
10 i have also noticed that fences and pens do not match very well in size

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With the fence piece, just wait for them to place it down. Sometimes when you choose where to put it, like in that gap, its only the ghost image of it that looks out of place. But when they actually put it in, it will go where you wanted it to. Some people cancel it before it gets there, thinking that it will be wrong.
A Geomancer job can give more access to the Golems, and could be a choice of bringing them on a re-embark. Or, there are also some mods that allow easier access to getting different types of Golems.
I recommend Auto Golems Guns :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
You could try to make part of your pasture in a cave, with some of it existing on the grass in front of the mountain cave entrance. It works in vanilla Stonehearth, but I’m not sure if ACE would restrict that.

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First of all, thx for replying.
@ nightlancer:
2 - when searching in the brewer list, the only ale that pops up is the serving keg of ale, which requires… ale to craft (which I don’t have a recipe for)
5 - I can’t find a way to set the shepherd to ‘auto-harvest’. Maybe that’s another mod?
9 - found it! Last time I searched with the wrong word (cricket)

Yeah, I always canceled. Will try it now.

5 I found the shepherd auto-slaughter at the pasture screen just now.