Man the Walls, It's Danger Hour!

There should also be the possibility, that if the invasion force is quite large, they throw their units just at the walls.
In a lot of games (especially tower defense), units just try to get through the fastest entrance, while they get killed by dozens of ranged units.

The meatgrinder-tactic is gruesome and shocking for city defenders, if there seems to be no end to the invasion force which is slowly trying to break through.

indeed! a combniation of both (if not a dozen others) tactics would be most effective though… throw a wave of grunts and the main defensive position, while a smaller party attacks from a less protected vantage point… :wink:

More important to me is the communication between the AI´s. If they all go for the weakest gate thats cool, but if the manage to coordinate an attack, maybe even from different sides and plan their incoming by the power of their units, that would be awesome.

In the best case there would be no real differenct between the PC and a human enemy

Well, that’s terrifying, Humans will always make stupid mistakes, no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT. Computers will be mostly impossible for it to mess up, as i basically cannot miss click, make a move and regret it after seeing what was around that wall, it knows everything at one time, can’t miss info.

But in a game where you don’t micro-manage, you can rely on your AI troops who are using the same AI as your enemies. The most you can do is armor them up, make your walls ,and get them to cover their asses.

true for most units, yes… but we’ll have a bit more direct control over our troops…

The player will not have to micro-manage most units. You give the
orders and your settlers figure out how to implement your plans.

For combat units, there will be the pathing options you would expect
in an RTS: waypoints, patrol, etc

I’d hope so, if geomancers are siege units then let’s hope we can aim them!

they arent really considered combat units:

Could the Geomancer be used as a combat unit? Livestream - 2:28:10

“Yea, I can see how it could be useful as a combat unit. [The
geomancer] could cause a split in the earth in front of a group of
potential invaders. Will she have combat spells? Probably not, the
spirit behind her is that she is boost to your domestic side. She
crafts golems to boost your productivity and she helps clear earth
much more quickly then you could without her. She is not designed to
be a combat unit but you can imagine her as a support unit helping
with defense.”

Hurl earth at your foe’s walls, better than any steam catapult i could make!

umm, you did read my quote… yes? :smile:

Yes, i don’t understand, if i can open a chasm, why can’t i hurl earth?

no, that’s a perfectly reasonable question… its just the general takeaway should be that the unit isnt intended for combat… opening the earth (or flattening), basically anything that affects the lay of the land would be in the purview of the geomancer…

enemy units affected by these transformations could be accidental or intentional… but the unit isnt being built with specific attack properties (pick up/hurl rock, etc.)…

but again, thats not to say it couldnt be modded… :wink:


Actually on the kickstarter page, HA!

Imagine that hurling at your foes.

I can agree with the definition as a “support” unit, since their ability lies primarily with changing the surroundings, not directly attacking like a swordsman or spell caster. I could see them having numerous defensive actions alone, like hindering enemies’ movement via sand or creating walls of terrain. It might just lie with the player’s logic and imagination. But I figure energy and time required for such actions would define how much of a fighter over worker they end up being.

But a siege unit option would be pretty neat to see. Who wouldn’t want to unleash earthquakes at your foes?

Just stay clear of the shockwaves!

yes, the concept art shows a very bad a** looking geomancer… i wont refute that… :smile:

im merely quoting the developers, who stated they dont see the unit being used in an offensive capacity… :wink:

Didn’t think about it long enough.

The geomancer’s sure getting some attention today.

Regarding general unit management, I hope they incorporate a number of different formations your units can take up (again, Age of Empires come to mind…I haven’t played that series in ages.). Particularly useful ones for me were wide-spaced formations and circle/box formations to protect weaker units; what I’d REALLY like, though, is a way to have units hold their area, but they would automatically retreat to a specific point if they got too injured, like a field hospital or a building. I always play defensively in my games, but it gets tricky to keep troops healthy when there’s SO MANY of them to worry about.

Obviously, Tom and Tony aren’t going for quite the militaristic scale some Age of Empires games get to, but intelligent formations and strategy would really add depth to macrocosmic control and strategy.

It sounds a bit complicated, I know. But having a unit patrol, stand guard, or hold the line, then automatically go to get healed nearby and return to their post would be a cool function that I haven’t seen in any of the strategy games I’ve played so far. What do you all think?

(Note: JUST realized the Age of Empires pun.)

(I’m leaving it in.)

EDIT: I didn’t think of it before, but this would also be really useful for workers as well–maybe all units in general. If they get attacked or an enemy gets within a certain range, they automatically take shelter or run for the closest safe house. Think of it as an automatic Town Bell function.


would especially like to see formations or a help feature so if your one super swordsman gets surrounded by 5 baddies, you can send help to even the numbers.

Also, I can see Geomancer getting modded to create stone golems - sentry, scout, tank…

Wonder if there will be fog of war like in Gnomoria?

way back in the reddit AMA, the question was brought up:

Hi, I was just wondering about the sight on the map that you’re playing on. Will you be able to see the whole of the map at once and everything that happens on it or will you be forced to like send villagers/soldiers to investigate certain parts of the map (fog of war). Keep up the good work. This game is going to be epic.

We are planning on fog of war.


Just to add to what @SteveAdamo said regarding Fog of war.

@Agon created a pretty interesting thread here regarding the idea of cartographers.

I think the recently released Godus, really illustrates some of what @Agon was getting at … In Godus however, the grey areas that are outside of your control.

In case you wanted the commentary behind that screenshot, head to the 4 minute mark of this video