Make Stonehearth game itself open source

It would be great if this game was made open source for people to have an option to fix bugs and contribute. In this age of de-compilers, I don’t think there is an IP issue with that.

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Is there something specific you are looking for? The game is written largely in LUA, HTML5 and JSON, all of which are readable to anyone with free tools like Sublime text or notepad.

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Yes, those technologies (LUA, HTML5 and JSON) are widely used and there are many people that can contribute to the game itself (not just modding).
Let’s say if I want to change the path-finding algorithm, or the way UI pages work, or add a custom report generator that is useful to the world, I could clone the Stonehart code from GitHub, make the changes and sent a pull request to Stonehart developers to review and take it into the product itself. If Stonehart dev doesn’t like the changes he/she just rejects the change with comments or outright.

The game is as good as open, anyone who knows basic web languages can mod the game on almost any level. So I don’t think there is any use in making it open source?

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also, its a game you buy, if it were open source people could start distributing pirated versions and taking code … not a pretty picture.


I have some issues, and have been reading posts from this forum. Having read through them all, I’ve asked a buddy of mine that is better at coding than I am to spend a weekend fixing the problems. So if I could find as much of the code as possible, then I could better find the problem with him. (I know very ambitious)