Make River City Ransom in Stonehearth


I’m supporting River City Ransom: Underground on KickStarter. And today they have decided to open source their gaming engine . Learn more below.

While we continue to work on new ways to give more and show more
during this campaign, we want to share some news for those interested
in going beyond the game. The great thing about Kickstarter is that it
has the capacity to provide useful tools to its backers; it benefits
people who want to play the game, and the developers themselves, who
go on to sell the game when it’s complete.

But we can do better than that. There are popular communities online
like MUGEN and Beats of Rage / OpenBOR that have rallied around free,
and in some cases open source, fighting game engine software. As part
our commitment to backers, and because we have open source software in
our DNA, we will open source the engine we create to make River City
Ransom: Underground
. This will ensure that modders have a clear
blueprint they can follow to build their own beat’em up games.

The “fine print”: We can’t create drag and drop tools, or offer a
polished and complete development experience (we believe in making
games, not engines) though you will be able to use already available
tools for level design. We also can’t open source the graphics, sound,
music, story scripts, or other elements of the game that make it ours,
but we can give you the source code we used for the engine and
gameplay. We hope this contribution will enhance the already thriving
MonoGame and modding communities.

So, if you are part of a modding community or fans of fighting game
engines, be sure to spread the word about our plans! -KickStarter

Here are some questions they answered in the comments.

@Conatus Creative , What gaming engine are you guys using now to
create the game? Is it a custom in-house gaming engine? If I
understand this correctly. I could use any gaming engine and all I
have to do (with a few adjustments) is write the source code in?

@Conatus Creative , What programing language is the source code
written in?

@Volo Our engine code sits on top of the MonoGame/XNA framework,
which is C#. You’d have to use one of those frameworks to run our
code, but XNA is a free download from Microsoft, and MonoGame is its
open source successor.

This is great! Now we can make our own beat’em ups. My question is, Will it be possible to take their engine (from what we can read here) into SH and use it to render and make levels and other elements?

If you can, please go support the River City Ransom: Underground game.


wow, this is a really bold move… i applaud the developers for their commitment to their fans/genre…

i wish them and the campaign all the best! :+1:


How should this work @Skull24? You are talking about a totally different engine than that which Stonehearth will be using. You will have mainly Lua to talk to the Stonehearth-engine. As long as “River City Ransom” seems to be coded in C#… I cannot imagine how you could be able to mix them :disappointed:.


No, you can’t take their code and put it in Stonehearth for pretty much the reasons @voxel_pirate said. You should be able to create a fighting game in the Stonehearth engine if you were feeling really ambitious but that would be it.


Yeah, that why I asked. I wanted to know if it would be possible.


My understanding is the SH well be written in C# as well. Does anyone know?


The engine is written in a C-dialect. However, you do not have access to it… only via Lua.


Okay, we only have access to the lua fles.


see here for the “full” list of known details…


Thanks for looking it up @SteveAdamo. After going through it I don’t think it would be possible. I like to thank everyone for helping me out with this.


absolutely! we’re all one big happy family here… :smile:

well, except for @Geoffers747… he’s like that Uncle everyone knows about, and we all hope doesnt show up to family events…


@Geoffers747, your not post to say his name. Now, he will find you. :frowning:


@Geoffers747 is always watching, waiting for the perfect moment to perpetuate the derailment. I do the same thing! :smiley:


Their reason for not using LUA.

@Conatus Creative, Will any part of the game’s engine contain or be
scripted in LUA?

@Volo At this time, our scripting is in C#. Using an interpreted
language like Lua is nice for runtime flexibility but the majority of
mobile and other embedded style platforms don’t allow runtime
interpration. We’re thinking long term for other platforms, and we
find C# is a great script language for us that is easily injected into
the rest of our pipeline.

@Volo interpretation* :P- kickstarter