Make crafter order deletion less awkward/jumpy?

When deleting (a lot of) orders in the crafter workbench window, either you scroll down awkwardly/unintentionally whenever you throw an item in the little trash can icon (19:59), or the orders kind of jump if you’re already at the bottom (20:20)


perhaps they could put a little drop down box, like the one in the “citizens” UI, the one where you change jobs. then they could have a few different options for the requested item,

  • delete order

  • move to top

  • change order quantity

those are just a few things that came to mind, that seemed to make sense.

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I think the problem is trying to fix this annoyance without completely redesigning the queue or making it slower to work on. With this idea, you need to select an item on the queue (which you can’t do right now) and then click on a button to delete or move the item or whatever. You lose the ease of use of a swift click and drag.

I’m not saying I have any better idea. To be honest, it seems pretty hard to figure out how to make this GUI element work perfectly, which is probably why they haven’t done anything with it yet.

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that is a flaw, with my idea, for sure.

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