Give Players an option to insert manual crafting orders at the top of the queue

Right now all crafting orders are always added at the bottom, instead of inserted at the top. I like to use the ‘Maintain x in Inventory’ option a lot on the Weaver and Blacksmith, ordering them to keep tens of items in stock. When I want them to make an outfit, I’d like them to make those items before stocking up on large amounts of materials. The UI does not support selecting multiple orders at the same time to be dragged to the top, and you need to scroll quite a bit when you have a long crafting queue (and you can’t scroll while dragging), so constantly having to drag items one-by-one becomes tedious very quickly.

Please add an option to insert manual crafting orders at the top of the queue, instead of the bottom.


I second this. I’ve wanted to smash my keyboard multiple times today when I end up taking multiple minutes just to order my blacksmith to make a helmet. Plus, if you’re ordering something to be crafted, you probably want the item sooner rather than later, so the current system doesn’t really make sense.


So this was implemented in a pretty hacky way:

  1. See this
  2. I’m using the built-in craft function and then moving the last item in the list to the top. This means if you spam click the craft insert button, you might get unexpected results. So just don’t do that.

You are my hero :smiley:

Thank you soo much!

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you absolute wizard.

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