New craft order : Top or Bottom option

I think it very tedious when everytime I want to craft a object quickly I have to manually vring it on top of the queue. Would it be possible when adding a new craft order (maintain or simply craft) to choose to add it first or last in the queue ? (currently always last)


That will be really helpful indeed! in the beginning many items is queued, i also use maintain 10 for each item. if you want some wapens created quickly, you could just click the top button and the item is first in queue. (I know that dragging also works, but button that moves the item to the top will be wunderful)

Don’t look at the artwork :stuck_out_tongue: , just for explanation


Bringing this up again…

moving the log stack order to the bottom of the list takes X number of clicks, X being infinite. yay. :tired_face:
this could also be done by default, because why would I ever want this order to be at the top of my list?? :confounded:
so what happens is, I do this constantly all game and its annoying. this is how it effects me: :grinning: :grin: :grimacing: :anguished: :weary: