Maintain x in stockpiles

It would be really nice if we could somehow assign stockpiles to maintain certain items. For example, I might want a stockpile near trees to collect fallen wood, but a more permanent storage pile in my warehouse. So if we could assign maintain resource x I could simply tell my warehouse to maintain enough to be full and hopefully my workers would move the wood from the woodcamp stockpile to the warehouse stockpile until it was full. It would also be nice to do theis to maintain small amounts of food stockpiles in houses. This would also be nice to be able to tell the farmer Maintain x flowers, or x turnips or whatever. We could still setup our turnip fields or whatever, but the farmer would only plant them if we needed them in the stockpile. If you cant do this in hte stockpile itself, maybe have a ledger or something craftable that we can assign to a stockpile. Maybe make a Farmers shed or somehting like the carpenters stump.


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