Long term plan for resource distribution

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I was wondering what the plans are to support large settlements and cities in the mid to late game (therefore nothing that is even remotely related to the currents Alphas, but there is never a time too early for discussions! ^^).

Right now, when I start close to a mountain (usually on the second highest “grassland”, as there are usually the highest berry bushed) and later try to mine my way up to the summit, or even build stuff there. the hearthlings are so busy carrying stuff there, running back for lunch, carrying something else there, running back for sleep and repeating, that they can barely mine or build anything anymore. When I think about the larger planned worlds (possibly infinitely sized), and the beautiful metropole seen in one of the Stonehearth promo images (obviously I’m talking about http://stonehearth.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/city.jpg), I can’t help but wonder about how the logistics will work then.

Will workers be able to take some food with them, so that they only take a break and eat, but don’t have to go all the way back to the storage again to pick something up? Or will there be a profession (“Level 3 pizza delivery boy”??) that will bring enough food to them in time? Or will we be able to set up “stations” for these things (a.k.a. “Inns”), to support a less central system? Will there be a possibility of something similar to public transport (there is a cart visible on another of the concept screenshots)… The need for a dedicated transport class has been discussed here already a lot, but how will different hearthlings try to work together over long distances?


this is something ive also been thinking about lately, i dont have much to add to what you said though…

This has actually been discussed quite a bit here on the Discourse. I’d recommend also looking at threads such as these (as well as a few others that have escaped me):

Does anyone else remember any other threads that might relate to @Raffo’s topics?

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