Getting food for the settlers

Damn I´m getting tired of my settlers they have to go a long way to get a berry bush and when they get the plant they be like “Oh yeah. I´m hungry” So they go all the way back to the base to eat and leaves the plant (Even though it shall the same way) then they have to go back to get the plant where after they be like “I need some sleep” Then why the **** do they not take food with them when they have to go that far or maybe eat more food for long distances jesus it take ages to move a bush! D:<


moving a berry bush isn’t all that difficult honestly. the point of choosing your starting location is to help you determine what is closest to you, what is easiest to obtain at the start, and if YOU choose a location where there are NO berry bushes well than you have to put up with the struggle of getting those bushes closer. that’s a choice you made after all. I started my most current map on an island with about 3 berry bushes. not really enough to keep them all happy at all times so I immediately took the task of building a bridge across the water to the main land and had them move another 10 bushes to the island. I now have 30 bushes all nicely put together in a grid for easy access along with a farm. if you haven’t started a farm yet or trained a trapper yet than once again, that’s your own fault for not doing so yet. Hearthlings don’t take food with them because they have limited storage on their person they aren’t programmed to take necessities with them and I’m not sure if they will ever get such programming made for them. right now their logic is “I have a task to do and the tools I already have are good enough, I’ll stop the task when I get hungry - go eat - and return to the job after” they aren’t the most intelligent because they aren’t supposed to be super smart.

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But to craft them some kind of box with food for them would really help

Also if they plan to make the game Multiplayer then the hearthlings also need some kind of food for the trip. Don´t think players want to live close and if you need to send backup then it wont help they stop half way and go back because they need food :slight_smile:

I don’t think a box is needed for crafting just tell them to hold in their inventory as a just in case reserve. I kinda wish they could do that with healing potions. Why not have the combat classes take a couple for just in case once the herbalist makes them? Why not have workers hold onto energy drinks if they’re in town inventory.

Makes sense to me. Maybe it’s on the board but yet to be implemented.