Maintain function for the Farmer

I did a quick search and to my surprise I didn’t find a suggestion related to this one. I’m proposing a Maintain function on the farmer. It may not work as well or be necessary for food items because your hearthlings eat it or it goes bad however I’d like to be able to maintain x number of saplings and flowers, items without an expiration date. That way they would just stay unpicked in the farm until I get around to using them, then the farmer(s) would get back to picking them as they normally would. Less management I have to do to maintain reasonable numbers.

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Another quick thought: Maybe a menu that tells me in a quick glance ALL of the items I’m maintaining. A one stop shop instead of managing maintains on an individual profession basis.
I probably overuse the maintain feature :smile:

In a similar vein, I would like to be able to just maintain a farm with grown items, for aesthetics. Although it certainly isn’t ideal, it doesn’t take nearly enough farms to sustain a larger population - the consumption rate of hearthlings is out of tune with the production of farms. While this is great in the early game, it gets a little old when 1/10th of your population need to be farmers… I have something like 3 farmers maintaining eight 11x11 fields, feeding 30 people with absurd surplus?

You want more farmers to til those fields? I would rather the hearthlings are free to do stuff like build or mine or craft things I want rather than have to worry about if their little mouths will go hungry : /. I also have found that I need like ~1/5th the population to be farmers, otherwise I don’t have enough food.

To clarify, I have two different things going on: I would like farmers to be able to grow but not harvest things. This is my aesthetic desire.

Furthermore, I think that fields produce too much food and would like to need more farmers, so that I need more fields to maintain the same amount of production.

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