Magnificent beard trait needs to be adjusted!

Ok so the last couple of games, it seems that alot of new hearthlings that join have this “useless” trait? Is there somekind of numbergame going on here, where that trait has a larger chance than the rest?

Further more, the beard on those hearthlings clip into their outfits and simply just look awfull…

Why is it even there? what good do it do? is it an intern joke amongst you developers? We have beards already (that actually look much more magnificent)? Why force this on the players? Please take some kind of action on this…


Thank you! :sunny: :heartpulse:


*This suggestion was sponsored by Gillette®


@CrazyCandy ahaha thank you for making me laugh in such harsh times :rofl:

But look at this guy… why is the beard so flat? the outfit he is wearing is just a recolor of the normal clericoutfit and look how it clips through the beard… i really want to delete these hipsters… but then again, he has good stats… what to do?

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New class. The barber! :rofl:

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Blind guess says “bounding box of the hearthlings head”


Magnificent Beard is the best trait.

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What does it actually… Do

Drawing attention to the beard. It’s magnificent. Just look at it!