Luxury and alternative resources

I searched for a while, and didn’t quite find a topic that has covered this, sorry if t has already been mentioned.

What resources would you like included in the game other than the obvious wood/stone/metals?
Interesting and luxury resouces, i think, would really add to the game, since i want my kingdom to be the most opulent.

For example, flint and slate would be a nice addition, early on and for military, for arrows and bolts. Also for a developed city for alternative roof styles using slate tiles.

Or possibly salt, to enhance food and keep meat fresh. Could be acquired from mining or even boiling sea water.

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If you feel they’re close enough, but i was hoping for non-metals and not necessarily things found underground

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Marble would be a luxury material

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Various colours of wood and stone is a must :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: stone

bolts are metal (sorry just had to say). Also i would like to see obsidian or thistle plants obsidian for daggers
(no armor pierce) and thistle for poison (grows as a weed in crops).

Never even thought about weeds, would really add to farms, especially if they had a use like that!

Here is a short list (taken from civ V)
-Cotton -Furs -Silk -Dyes -Sugar -Spices -Ivory -Incense -Wine -Gems -Pearls -Marble -Jewelry -Porcelain -Nutmeg -Cloves -Pepper -Crab -Salt -Whales -Citrus -Truffles

Also, imo, there should be a herb/weed/shroom mod.


Also, imo, there should be a herb/weed/shroom mod.

YES! (wow i seem way too enthusiastic).

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Hunting whales would make for quite an epic scene on the oceans. I’d go for huge ships, carrying them to shore, much like dishonored.

(When water mechanics become more important to overall gameplay…)

I’d like to see some cool nautical/aquatic resources, like coral or waterlogged wood/torn canvas, from shipwrecks.

Because what else screams fancy like your own super-deluxe aquarium with its own coral reef in it?

The shipwreck could be “salvaged,” and displayed in a museum or used to create a haunted-looking effect for your big mansion…the old wood, with torn curtains blowing in the lonely wind…


(Yep, it’s that time of the year again…)


Yep, it’s still Halloween.