Resources should be rare?

In the most recent live stream when tom was modelling the weaver. He showed us that he had come up with different ways of making wool.
one : the sheep
two : the flax plant
three: the cotton plant
This makes three different ways of producing the same thing . So I think that most resources should be rare not including vital resources to survive and progress in the game like iron, wood etc. But when u come across a rare resource u find a big amount of it. This will go well with trade routes idea. Because if you have a small quantity of most of the resource then you have no need to explore or trade with other local settlers. This would mean that there can be several ways to producing the same product like the example I gave u above. Another reason I want the resources to be rare and to be in big quantities is I don’t want stonehearth mining to end up like minecraft where there is millions of different ores all in the same place.
Also you can have different resources for different biomes like a snow biome has polar bears that you hunt and the trade their hides .This will been the game wont get boring too quickly as you will never have all of the same recourse with one settler as you do with another.

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I agree for the average player resources should be scarce you should have to work to obtain them either through exploration or quests (defeat goblin scout(s) trying to kill the animals if you complete the task you could gain access to the animals in question if there are enough left and you have the tech to use them or they could just run away because you didn’t save enough of them in time etc etc). But i also think that this should be an option for the game over all in that you should be able to set how rare. Like a difficulty thing some people will want to have easier game play and some people will want to have a harder game play. Having the choice to choose how difficult the game is should be for each user to decide. It also allows for more replay-ability. Some like to start games off on easy to understand them fully then up the difficulty later to challenge themselves.

Well, even if the devs don’t incorporate such an option, there would surely be mods that you can turn on and off to do the same thing.

Anyway, resources are typically found in small, rich pockets, like you described krlawton. (In nature, I mean, not in-game.)


If I manage to find myself Bronze, that amount should be in large quantity, but not unlimited. Let’s say it’s 200 Bronze Ore’s, it’s rare and definitley useful for someone who just got started and can use it to trade and gain economic upperhand early on.
If there’s a friendly village nearby maybe they’ll set a high price to trade with you.

Don’t think there will be a million ores but like 10-15 types. Stone, Marble, Iron, Bronze, Mint, Sandstone, Obsidian and others would be pretty interesting.

Mint ores?

And yes, once dwarves are implemented, they should provide a TECHNICALLY unlimited source of the material, but it should work on a parabola of costs, if you know what I mean. If you don’t know, that would mean that the more of the material you already have, the more expensive it would be. For example, if you had no bronze, you could buy it from the dwarves for, say, 10g pieces. If you have 5, the price would instead be, say, 30g pieces. If you had a storehouse full of, perhaps, 50 bronze, you would either have to pay a ridiculous amount, like 110g pieces per bronze, or it would simply shut off.