Lua Unminifier/Formatter - Improved

Hi everyone

I saw a decent number of people are using my unminifier so here’s an upgrade.

Lua Unminifier


  • .zip/.smod support (no need to extract some 4000 files each time a new release hits us, works right off your RAM.
  • tab support for viewing muliple files at once
  • drag and drop file/directory opening (drop files/folders in the panel on the right)
  • use regualar expressions to search for text either in your current file or the entire project. (if you search the entire project another window will be open containing every match found (see second photo), double click any result to view it in the editor, click once to scroll align views).
  • highlighter for searched text
  • command line options are still there (still overwrites input files)
  • luaformatter.exe myluadirectory
  • luaformatter.exe myluafile



if you check out the source
… good coding practices out the door :wink:

Side Notes##

When in the window containing the search results for the entire project, selecting any field will scroll the other views to match the one your on, ie their data will match up, no need to scroll each separately.

You can open up filesystem .lua files in the editor but they will not participate in searches for the entire project. (hard disk you are too strong ;)). If you really need a work around I’d just recommend using visual studios or some other IDE with great search engine, or if you really wanted you can just zip you file’s up.

As I said above this is very poorly coded, I almost have no intentions on returning to this project other than bug fixes, feel free to let me know what you come across.

Hope this helps
Thanks for your time

Old Stuff Below

Update 10/19

  • fixed formatter running twice on files because *.lua matches a .luac file, why??? Microsoft Why??? This caused formatting problems to occur.
  • fix an issue causing “then/do/and/or” to fall onto their own line
  • array parsing now works, lets hope it doesn’t break everything.

Good stuff :thumbsup:

@honestabelink thanks for taking the time to put together a tool for the community.

I appear to be having some problems with it. Using the commandline I get a window pop up then close again after 20 seconds and no changes are made to the file .
The Command i am using is luafileformatter.exe constants.luac both files are in the directory I am running it from.

Am I missing something?



@TobiasSabathius Constants.luac is just one big array declaration. Arrays still have to be added into the parser to get formatted correctly. I had some issues getting it to work consistently without messing other things up, so I removed the component for now. I’ll revisit the issue again and re-post when I have a solution that works consistently.

Remember you can always just drag and drop files/folders onto the exe. This will pass the input file/folder as the commandline argument for you, and save you some time and typos.

For use of the commandline you must “cd” to the directory that contains luafileformater.exe first then call the cmd, or add it to your user “PATH” environment variables.

You can also just hold shift and right-click the folder containing luafileformater.exe. This will add the option “Open command window here” to the explorer context menu, clicking it will do as it says and open a cmd window to that directory. From here you just call the cmd as you did.

Thanks for your time and feedback

@honestabelink many thanks for the quick response.

I was using the command line as part of my automated environment setup (just a bunch of batchfiles to speed up refreshing my dev environment)
Looks like it was just my luck to chose as a test one that doesn’t work :smile:

I will run it through the rest and see what falls out .

thank again


@TobiasSabathius stayed up later than I should have, but array parsing now works. Have fun!

bump, hope no one minds :wink:

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I lied and returned to the project :wink:

I’ve added a few things

  • support for these file formats
    • .html
    • .js
    • .json

Additional syntax highlighting for each file type and code folding throughout.

bug ?
it is not compatible with ANSI File !


compare all files in 2 directory witch 2 panel in right and left

It should be compatible with ANSI files.

Which file are you trying to open?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. What do you mean?