Lua runtime error,

I don’t usually make a thread for one bug, Especially when I don’t know if it’s harmless or just some errors meaning nothing, But here’s what I got when trying to complete the tennis court, Also after closing this a few seconds later the game crashed again. Could be related or could be just very bad timing :stuck_out_tongue:

954 wonderful errors!

Edit - This is the latest build 64x

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no idea where that came from but it appears to me that somewhere you’ve been stacking up errors and now the save can’t handle it anymore it hink…

It’s not a lua error, it’s an engine one. It’s memory related too, one possibility would be that you’ve run out of memory. Are you using the x64 build?

Ah I see, Just typed what I saw the most important from the error, Don’t know much about it :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, I’m using the x64 Build, My pc has more than enough Memory free, Which is weird if it’s related to that. Must check its usage :wink:


Doesn’t appear to be a lack of memory issue my side. It was using Just over 2 GB which is normal for my stonehearth usage :stuck_out_tongue:

But still. Does seem a lot for such a small game. How’s your CPU usage?

Hey, CPU usage is relevantly low being around 35% mark, Max it hits is 50%, Which is a huge improvement when I played Alpha 5 it was around 90% :wink:

Using 2 GB is a lot, But its in the Alpha stage and the game still needs a lot of rendering so I’m to to worried about that.