Lua Runtime Error - Building is Impossible

Nothing builds, consistently throws a very short Lua Runtime Error with no traceback.

Steps to reproduce:
1a) Load attached save.
2a) Try to build outlined building (or anything else)
3a) Cry

1b) Try ib console command
2b) Amazon yourself more tissues

Expected Results:
Building builds itself

Even reloading/restarting doesn’t do anything. As far as this save is concerned for right now, I can’t move forwards.

Actual Results:
Lua Runtime Error prevents anything (new or pre-existing) from constructing


Version Number and Mods in use:
2924, no mods

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I have run into this problem as well.

Always happens to me if I try to build a temple to the Great Old Ones. Non-Euclidean architecture is kinda hard to pull off. :wink:

@8BitCrab Might there be some way to get some attention back onto this? Ordinarily I wouldn’t make a deal of it, but it’s totally rendered my save inoperable (insofar as building is concerned). It’s both frustrating and discouraging to go back and start a new save, just to potentially run back into this issue. Furthermore, that it seems to be effecting others is a bit surprising.

i’m currently busy, but will check out the save when i get some free time. :slight_smile:

as for the team, i forget who does building stuff so i’ll just page @sdee, but it is the weekend so they probably won’t be able to check i out till monday.

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I figured that things would be slow with the conference (?) that the whole team is shipping out for, like the mentioned in the last Dev Blog, but I still wanted to poke around a little and see if I could prevent this from getting swallowed by discourse entirely, since (relative to the other issues I’ve found and posted about) this one actually matters.

As always, any attention you’re able to garner, whether personally or from the team, is awesome - and above and beyond what I would expect. So thank you!

oh yeah, temporarily forgot that the team was down doing new hire orientation, so they actually might not answer until around the 25th…


which is completely fine! i generally say that if a topic has gone more then 5 days without a moderator or team member response, then feel free to page me.

sorry if i’m a little late responding to topics, i’ve been sick for the last couple of weeks, so i didn’t really touch the bug reports for awhile :sweat_smile:

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alright, i fired up the save and got the error on start, but i still seemed to be able to build a house… so maybe i misunderstood the problem? or it might be related to your template… :confused:

could you perhaps provide a few more details?

You’re right, this is odd. I never use the default templates, but I guess it’s an issue with my particular building. I was trying, later on, to make something else that was unique (stretching out the wall around the border) and that gave me the same failed issue. I guess it’s just custom (and really unusual) stuff? I’ll do some more testing.

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I was curious about your build so I loaded it up too. :stuck_out_tongue:
I could not build the wall/tower thing, Ib command gave an lua error and hearthing did not work on it. but the smaller pillar thingies where fine the hearthings did make them.

Personally get this error when I have “sculpted” a building too much. Like drawing a part erasing some drawing more and undoing stuff ext for some time, until you have sculpted something you like. and then when you hit the build button the games goes… “I don’t understand modern art… do it your self.”

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ve start rebuilding most of the structures, but in little bits and pieces. So far there have been errors just constantly, but they’re still building plenty.