Can't place buildings

Following my last post, this is a real bug. Whenever I try to place a preset building or custom building I get an error saying:

error 27: stonehearth/services/server/build/build_undo_manager.luac:3: assertion failed!
error 28: c++ exception: lua runtime error

The “error 27/28” simply refer to how many times the error has come about (evidently quite a few times). Any fixes out there for this? I was able to place buildings down before but now it won’t let me.

I’m also noticing really annoying lag spikes from the lua too, dunno if that’s known yet (probably is)

What build is this on? The latest one?

You’re using a new save yes? Not trying to load an old save with a new build?

Can anyone else confirm whether or not they are having this issue?

I will try it later when im Home and my daughter is in the bed

It’s the latest one that came out today. I’ve found out you can fix it by saving and reloading everytime you get the error, but it is a little annoying. It’s a save I made this morning on the latest build on experimental branch. I’m also having problems with workshops and setting people to keep a certain number of objects in storage: for example, if i tell the blacksmith to always maintain 10 steel ingots in storage they wont work and instead go build houses/carry things to storage. This applies to every profession with a workshop.

I’m using the latest build and playing on a new save. I can create a custom building up to the point of placing the roof and then I get the same error message as the OP. I have minimal problems with preset buildings, except my Hearthlings left out a whole wall when constructing the “cottage for two” design. But when I went to build mode, it showed the wall was there as part of the blueprint.

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