Love, an Enemy and Ally

Idea for a new Trait. Hearthling A is in love with Hearthling B.

  • Whenever Hearthling B talks to Hearthling A, Hearthling A gets a morale boost.
  • Whenever Hearthling A gets a bad conversation with Hearthling B, it gets a morale drop
  • In the case of Hearhling B getting attacked, Hearthling A gets a 40% Movement speed boost, 30% Strengh and 50% Courage (Basically, enters full on babarian mode and beats the crap out of everyone). If the Hearthling is not a combat unit, it will momentarily join the combat party that is repelling the invaders
  • If Hearthling A is a crafter, it may sometimes make special objects with high net worth dedicated to their love (Anything you want, if the Hearthling is a mason, it makes a statuette, a weaver, a doll, a blacksmith, a ring) that has zero requirements. Of course, it is nerfed with the probability of the Hearthling actually doing something
  • If Hearthling B Dies, Hearthling A gets a massive morale drop, visits the grave of it’s loved one and sometimes even chooses to not to work. This can go on for four days or more

Thank you for sharing and reading!


this seems like something very perfect…

This would go great with Alpha 22 in my opinion… this is up too the dev team… even though this should be a thing by now

Just want to add to this, that a couple of us talked about things like this before.

Good idea, but if they add it into the game,i think i ll blow my mind when trying to get them work and boost their morale. :stuck_out_tongue: sorry, bad english.