Longest mini (trader) quest ever .... 143 Hours given

A trader quest exchanging Cactus Flower seeds for 5 Basket of Corns that has a time limit of 143 hours !

Isn’t it too long ?


@tay_thotheolh that is actually pretty funny. I’m assuming this is some sort of glitch. I would love to hear if other people are having this problem.


haven’t had this happen yet, but i did get a guy come and ask for 1 basket of berries in return for 20 baskets of corn :laughing:


I’ve understood it as the desert “bonus” crops (cacti flowers and Acai trees I’ve seen so far) come from further away so it takes longer to attain. I’ve not seen a time that high except on desert crops, and likewise I have never seen a desert crop without a time that high.

The only thing that seems odd to me about this is the “randomness” of the number 143. Today in my game I had a trader caravan offer a deal for 120 hours. It seemed like a natural progression of time increments when compared to the earlier traders. Is this abnormal?

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Any trader quest spanning more than 100 hours or at least more than 70 hours is rather abnormal in my opinion as I have never seen any such quest spanning for so long.

all of the seed quests span over several ingame days; i would guess it is to give you time to grow the necessary trade item

Isn’t this hours in-game hours? So it will be almost 6 in-game days.

The seed traders return in 1-7 days so this time would be within that range. Before, the highest time they would take is 72 hours/3 days, so we didn’t run into an unusually high number of hours displayed.

It does seem odd to display it in hours when it’s such a large amount of time, so we’ll be changing the count to days when the time remaining is over 1 day long.


If it’s coupled with very high lag (high Lua activity and system grinding close to a halt), it looks like a very long time.

Here’s an interesting bit, after the 143 hours of trader’s quest expire, my Lua GC and Lua became much much lighter and the game become less buggy. I am suspecting that Lua is doing some timing monitoring in continuous loop which is taking up too much resource and slowing down the game. Once the 143 hour quest concluded, everything seems to be light and quick again. I wonder if it’s to do with the multi-threading job queues inside the system that are causing the game to lag.