List of Random Bugs Found in A16

Hey there All - just got this game recently and loving it - but ran into a few bugs which I figured I should report. Sorry if these are duplicates, and sorry they aren’t separated out into individual posts - there are a lot : /. Also sorry for the wall of text.

• You cannot click “loot” on a road, but you can loot on the ground next to a road and drag across – seems like a bug.
• Cannot click to finish building a designated zone on top of a tree or structure or designated zone.
• Sometimes, assigning an object to be picked up (and put in storage) and then telling it to be moved will not override the ‘pick up’ order, sometimes it will.
• You cannot click+drag over a UI element – the game actually slows down when this happens.
• Workers will often mine themselves into locations they cannot get out of, and then be stuck.
o Hearthlings have issues mining multiple layers at once – either they get stuck, or they decide to simply not mine something because it is one block out of place (or I can’t figure out why they wouldn’t mine something).
• Sometimes workers will mine the block they are standing on, and then fall a small ways and impact ‘into’ the ground up to their waists – where they will sit for a little while. At some point they will pull themselves out of the ground and go about their business.
• There is no limit to the number of ‘pets’ which can be tamed – so after leaving my computer on all night to see what would happen, I had something like 20-30 pets walking around my town and slowing down my computer.
• Hearthlings do not prioritize the harvesting of food over building – so if they are constructing a building and they run out of readily available food, they will starve rather than pick a berry off a bush a few feet away and eat it : /.
• Gravestones do not remember the last orientation they were in (when picking up and moving).
• It seems like you can’t tell archers to sit in a position – like a tower – and shoot at anyone who comes by. Defend just has them move to the location, and then they run out of the tower and attack when an enemy comes close.
• Cutting down trees is nice for gathering wood – but there is no real way to replace them. You can grow trees and place them, but they don’t actually grow on their own back to the same size they were before – and they also count against your inventory limit instead of going back to being controlled by the environment.
• There is an issue with soldiers where if they see an enemy and decide to kill it, there is no way to clear that idea from their little heads – like if they are almost dead or you want them to pick up a better weapon or armor. You can tell them to ‘move to location’ or any other command, and after they do that, they will still run back and try to fight that enemy without doing anything else first.
• When receiving a gift for killing all the goblins in the area, the guy doesn’t say what gift he is giving you and it wasn’t clear that the gift was going to my banner – took me a while to figure it out.
• Seeing into multi-level structures is difficult because the floors do not disappear in any of the building modes. Could the “Slice” visual mode work on buildings as well as environments, or is this a bug because it should already?

Thanks for reading!

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Additional Issue: Trappers are just barely producing food, despite the map showing increased fertility.

  • Pets were limited in Alpha 15. Did it appear in the new update? I don’t have it yet.
  • Looting bug on the road is a known bug.
  • Trees were growing in the latest stable Alpha 15. Is this a new bug?
  • Persistent combat mode (aka can’t stop soldiers from fighting) was reported before, including this topic of mine.

Known issue

Slight bug, but u can always tell them to pick it up or use the cancel command

more intended then anything, yup that means you gonna have to babysit them a bit ( setting ladders) or mine in way they can get out.

Bug, but u can go to combat and call them all back to banner real quick and cancel it quick to get them moving as a work around

just select them and let them go

not really a bug, but set some hearths to hual only and not build that way they will just haul and pick stuff ie like berry bushes or move objects

not a bug, just not implemented yet

not really a bug, u can replace buy growing them and planting them, yes it count to ur town total value, but not against inventory. (unless not planted) They grow very large over time, and only one set of trees for now

This is a known bug, workaround Highlight the footman hit Ctrl-C and type reset. it will reset his AI and stop going after mobs unless real close

Not a bug, Now u know its always on banner just like when u buy from vendors. But its always a surprise gift

Not a bug, just not implemented yet

You can tell them to re-place it if they mess up… but what is ‘cancel command’? I haven’t found that.

I get that some babysitting can be good, but sometimes I have people die from starvation because I don’t notice that one out of 20 workers put themselves on a ledge they can’t get off of : /. Also - for leaving the game running at night or over the weekend, it would be nice if the workers were just a touch smarter about how they mine : ) - (but I do realize that can be a very complicated issue).

Awesome, thanks for the tip : ).

Another great suggestion, thank you!

Oh interesting… I thought they were against inventory… is inventory separate from number of town assets?

Another awesome suggestion, thanks again!

Also awesome to know several of the bugs I found are just not implemented yet : ).

yes, anything u place become an asset to town value, also u can see all ur asst under ther town UI

the cancel command is under the gather stone/tree icon of UI, its the circle arrow. just drag on ground and under objects u dont want moved

Those who have the latest 2924 update - was the armor reevaluated there? It’s not a bug, but it really drives me nuts. The first armor to make, cloth vest, has the same armor rating as the starting military uniform, so there’s no reason to craft it.

Good to know - I will be placing more trees : ).

oh snap, excellent : ).