Couple of observations on A16

I was trying hard mode on A16 last night and I had a blast, but I did notice a couple of things;

First, while in the beginning after a couple of days I started to get attacked a LOT. upwards of 2-3 times a day by wildlife, the undead, and goblins. However, after saving and re-launching I am now back down to A15 levels of being attacked, or once every couple of days if that. I’m not sure if the script broke or what, but it definitely stopped being hard.

The other bug I noticed was that my weaver is reporting having bolts of cloth that so not exist. I am not sure where the values are coming from but at one point he reported having 17 bolts of cloth when in fact he had 0.

Great job on the new combat. my Knight Footman Cleric combat party are really protecting my hearthlings!

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That sounds pretty usual, on both accounts. I have loaded and reloaded the same save close to 10 times now (from a fresh game on the new unstable last night) and haven’t encountered a reduction in spawn rates.

From what I’ve been told, there are triggers for combat events like population, and maybe net worth? It might just be that you haven’t crossed a threshold in a while?

Could be, though I would be surprised, I’ve experienced pretty steady growth since starting the game. I may start a new game and re-observe without a restart to see if my playstyle is affecting it.

I would be surprised if it’s playstyle. I took a very safe starting position and immediately walled myself off behind some fences. I don’t think it gets much more turtle.

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i can confirm this part, the number seemed to be linked to the amount of “Spools of Thread” i had…

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This one has been fixed by Yang on today’s stream.


The hearthlings are sooooo dumb now. Having trouble getting them to mine stuff.

Huzzah! I am glad to hear it. I am sorry I had to miss that stream.

After playing some more today after the goblin story arc I found myself under… the best word for this is BRUTAL assault. I unlocked an archer just before the chief left, and the moment he was gone poof, some very powerful enemies poped. I ended up going back a save because my Knight, Cleric, Archer, and 2 Footmen were completely taken by surprise and flattened. Hard Mode was suddenly very hard again.

yeah thats true. they just eat and thats it.