Linux User Rallying Point (LURP)

Welp! This Thread is meant to be a place for those people in this community who’ll be playing Stonehearth on Linux. This is the place to meet other fellow Linux users and offering our thanks to the Devs for porting this game to Linux as well.

I guess I’ll go first:
I’m using Linux since 2006 or so on my Desktop. Prior to that, I managed a webserver running on Debian for a small gaming community in Germany. I don’t have any Windows installation whatsoever. No Dualboot, no VM, no second computer running windows.
Right now I’m using Xubuntu 13.04.
Right now I’m playing on Linux: “Minecraft”, “S.P.A.Z.” and “The Book of Unwritten Tales”.

And of course thanks to the Devs for making this game available to us Linux users. :slight_smile:

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I don’t dualboot, i don’t even know what kind of boot I have. I have Ubuntu 12.04, Windows 7 Ult, Windows 8 (whatever the generic one is), openSuse enterprise, centOS. I have been using linux for four years-ish. I like games too much to only use Linux.

Is this game already ported to Linux being in Beta?

I tried to ask the developers but they will not respond & all the info I find is they will port to Linux when the game is complete.

I run a non-duel boot Linux Mint 15 gaming box.

I know this is a linux only place but I am curious. I use Windows 7. I will be getting a new PC soon too. At least that is my goal. How good is linux now? I heard it was atrocious in the past but technology has obviously improved since then. I am looking into it because buying windows for multiple machines is just plain expensive.

Probably not right from the start as the team is quite busy at the moment with getting the first release out on time. However, I would expect it during the “beta” and prior final release… as it will also take some testing.

Never heard that :wink:. Due to a lack in user-friendly interfaces it was considered an OS for tinkerers and alike in the past. There are some distributions available in the meanwhile which are offering a usability close to that of a Windows system. Probably you want to take a closer look to what you are doing with your computer, to decide if Linux works for you. There are emulators to run applications written for Windows but if your major focus is on gaming, probably you want to stay with Windows. If you are more interested in what a computer does and how… Linux is the place where “secrets” will be revealed.

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I thought it would be best to create a separate post related to my attempts to get the game to work with WINE before the port is complete. That post can be found here: Stonehearth on Linux (with WINE)


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I don’t want to be an @$$hole, but you just, what some may call, Necrobumbed a thread.

No offence, though.

I don’t entirely see how it’s a bad thing to let the people know who were wondering about a linux port that I’m experimenting with using WINE… but sorry :smile:

No problem. :smile:

It’s not and you shouldn’t be sorry.

Ignore @EpicDwarf

There is nothing wrong with posting in old topics, especially if it’s a worthy cause or relevant, if you were however to revive a godforsaken forum game then we would have words.

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In all seriousness, I’m sorry.

It’s fine, I removed your image as retribution :slight_smile: