Line of Sight/Communal Mind

I am not sure if this has been implemented or if it wasn’t intended to happen, but I was curious if line of sight was shared by Hearthlings, as to simulate communication, so that instead of being individually intelligent, the Hearthlings as a whole can be intelligent. I think that his could be useful because in the case of an Archer, if they lose sight of the enemy, and cannot reposition to see the enemy, they will know, through their companions, how to reposition correctly. This idea could also be used in other aspects such as when a Hearthling sees an enemy, other Hearthlings are alerted to either attack the enemy, or run away.


“For the swarm!” :smiley:

(SCNR, but I like the idea from a technical point of view.)

:stuck_out_tongue: while ad it let them communicate also when they take down scaffolding… go mining etc XD

“HEY, YOU DOWN THERE! Can you make me a ladder I’m staving on this roof!”

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