Levelling up and unlocks

I’ve had a search about, but couldn’t see this anywhere…
Is there a list of the achievements/benefits/unlocks for each of the current jobs? So when you level up you gain faster walking, more health, tailored to particular job stuff, etc…
Also, item unlocks, as they level up?
Was hoping not to have to manually go through and work it all out :stuck_out_tongue:

Any pointers or information much appreciated.

I have got a job for you, since I do not know that there is such a overview, you are NOW promoted to be the
"Make an Overview of all achievements/benefits/unlocks for each of the current jobs" chieftain.

Be proud and now get to work A S A P



The wiki has some information, but it might be outdated or incomplete:

I think for each level you always get the Max Health + 10 on every class, even if there’s no other perk. Max level is usually 6.

Best way would be to promote someone in game, go to their Job tab in the character sheet, and hover over all the perk icons. For item unlocks the same, when you click on them the level required appears in the UI below. But it would be a really good addition to the tables on the wiki.

Here is an excel spreadsheet I just made of all of the abilities :slight_smile:
Had to zip it cause discourse doesn’t like excel :unamused:

Stonehearth Stat Tables.zip (14.3 KB)

Updated it so it now includes all the equipment that the combat classes can equip