Letting us help

To our Developers:

What does your team consist of? Is it just you two?
I saw Geoffer’s collated Q & A, and thought of that. The masses outnumber you, and could give you a lot of information to sort through in a short amount of time. Prepare for the flood! All the questions, suggestions, and noise that will course through the forums could be overwhelming and time consuming. Unless the community handled it…

How could we, the community, help make your jobs/lives easier?

To the eager Community:

Help them! Let’s think of ways we can act as support and lighten the load in the days ahead! See something that needs to be collated? Collate it! It is in my opinion that the best way for a Game to come to fruition is hand-in-hand with its community. I do not have some massive list of how you can help, you will need to take some initiative in how you help.

My fellow community members, how can we help Tom and Tony?


Exactly this. I put together the Q and A as I figured with the kickstarter and everything, popularity is (hopefully) gonna rise, significantly more after a playable version is out there.

As such collecting questions and answers into one area helps the community, especially new members who are looking for answers.

Similarly, collecting suggestions into one place can help the Devs, as they will be able to find the vast majority of things in one place, although I’m sure they will still be going through the Facebook, Twitter, and Kickstarter pages doing what they can!.

At this stage where the forums aren’t too active, I think it’s a two way process - the developers can help answer our questions to provide us with their vision for the game, and we can help them with our feedback and thoughts.

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We’re actually a team of 3 now! Stephanie Dee @sdee joined the team on Monday. She and Tom worked closely together at VMware and we’re thrilled to have her! She’ll be working on, well, just about everything.

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With early access to the game we can help the developers generate content and assets.

Tom, Tony, and Dee could post assets they need as the game develops. We, the community, could then create content that they could use or be inspired by to create even better items.
Ex. Say Dee is making tree assets (and tells us that in her weekly/monthly report). We can help her by sending in our own created content for her to use, throw away, or be inspired by.

We can also help by brainstorming missions for the “encounter mission things” that they describe in the video.

Dependent on how far along the game is, we can even start creating those missions now to have a solid basis of user created missions and content to use.

For a community driven and sponsored game, the sky is the limit.


One of the things I’m most excited about is the opportunity to make encounters/missions! I like this idea. :slight_smile:

I think inventing a bunch of short stories for mods is really helpful :slight_smile: Monster Ideas, and all sorts of resources, I would definitely like to non-stop make a couple of mods and monsters once the game is out to try inspiring more players to create their stories, and to hopefully try to make something to show the depth of mods / creatures.

If this sort of idea isn’t helpful then back to the drawing board lol

I’m fully in line with Ben, I was thinking the same thing before reading his post. I’ve already started thinking of different adventures for modules, items, creatures, and terrain features since I saw Stonehearth on kickstarter. I’d love it if they were looking for people to help make different categories of things, and it would be an honor if something I made was actually used. I’m sure many other people feel the same way

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If the community can help in any way, don’t hesitate to ask, I’m certain we’d be more then happy to do so.


I’d like to see this release with an alpha that we can all play and try out and help with feedback. Obviously available to backers. I’d totally pay more to help with the creation of this game :slight_smile: