Let's talk story/lore

I think it’s primarily a question of how much lore is needed to help get players immersed into a new game. I agree that a totally blank slate with no information on the monsters, races, etc would be a bit too generic; the world as it is when your workers emerge in it should make some level of sense and pieces should fit, even if they are procedurally generated. Monsters should behave in recognizable ways (goblins are too lazy to farm or hunt so they will steal food, orcs hunt fine but don’t mine so they often want metal, trolls won’t attack unless you expand into areas that they consider rightfully theirs, etc), if the neighboring tribes has some generated ‘history’ that influences their behavior when the game starts that would also be cool.


Will their be a economy system? I mean one in which we can trade gold amongst each other for land and other objects?

@skull24 there will be “trade caravans” but I haven’t heard of an exact economic system.

Thoughts on this @Geoffers747 ???

Well, in the AMA Tom said there will be trading with a seasonal caravan and neutral factions.

The caravan was what I expected - pretty much the norm for this type of game,and I should imagine trading will work in a similar way.

In response to @Skull24 I don’t think gold, or any material, will be used to trade for land, I mean, it’s a sandbox, the land is yours if you claim it surely?

As for an economy system outside of the above, I’m not sure, is it necessary to have ‘gold’ as a currency? Besides, if mining isn’t in place for a while, it’s gonna be quite difficult to obtain it surely? Perhaps then trading by goods is how it will be handled - Resources for other resources.

@Geoffers747 That is how they said you’d obtain resources that are otherwise unobtainable… that or raids.

I wonder if we can do it through adventuring too. Depending on the item, it would be cool if going on an adventure could potentially lead to finding gold/iron/whatever in some form. Maybe by exploring dungeons or something.

@DAWGaMims True, but it seems a bit harsh to have an economy based upon an item that is extremely difficult to get, and that you can only get by trading :stuck_out_tongue:

Unobtainable resources obtained this way - definitely, but not if the whole currency is based on it. Unless prices were ridiculously low …

Thanks for answering my questions. I wonder if it would it be possible to make a system of modding like Dota 2’s workshop in which modders make items for the game and sell them for real money? The system seems to be working very well with Dota 2 and the quality of items are very good.

@Geoffers747 While mining per-se isn’t going to in at launch, it sounds like there will still be stone and metal working professions in the game from the get-go, so metal and stone will probably be gather-able, maybe from surface deposits. From a strictly realistic sense not all metal needs to be mined deep out of the ground- gold can be panned from rivers, and people used to dig bog iron out of swamps, etc.

@Skull24 Hmmm, that system seems fraught with legal peril, as the mod tools will already be open to all users.


No worries!

I’m not sure if that system would really fit this game. I think it throws up too many issues - compatibility, closing off mods to those who are unwilling/able to pay, could prevent multiplayer access between those who own and those who don’t.

From what I’ve heard and seen so far, modding is so baked into this game that it should be open to everyone, I mean, why pay for something you could make? I think modding will work, albeit in a much improved manner, similarlaly to minecraft, but with some sort of database for easier browsing/access.

Add a community rating system to that, and you have the potential for a very good modding community. That’s just my take on it anyway.

I see what you mean. I think this game will get more people into modding then most. I can see thousands of people modding this game. I just hope we see more How To’s on the matter. When the game is in beta. So, once it is released we will have thousands of choices.

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I guess there will a group of modders starting and maintaining a group of quality mods like they did for the Community Expansion Pack for Nwn.
The Download page gives credit for each individual mod selected by community votes. A One-Stop-Shop for your best mods.

Based on what I’ve seen in this forum, I don’t think the dev’s will have to do much to maintain and moderate mods. Our community will highlight the best and discourage inappropriate content.

And if the day is to come that the devs for some reason need to abandon the game, I think we can just rely on @Pepe to make a sequel. :stuck_out_tongue:

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