Let hearthlings have new dresses

I see that, hearthlings have heart, emotions, feelings, special qualities, hunger, thirst, choices to make etc. and the radiant team is trying there best to represent hearthlings as human. ---- I’m fine with that.

But what I don’t understand that is why have only one kind of dress for every hearthling? like, all the workers wear the same outfit. All archers have the same green/blue dress, all mason wears the same, all herbalist or carpenter or footmen or cook or farmer wears the same old dress all the time. Its boring!!!

We have a weaver right? He should be made to give more concentration on making dresses instead of making other household stuffs. My point is, have more collection of dresses.

If having more then one dress for one hearthling is not possible by the radiant team then I have one more Idea.

---------------- Dress became old or shabby ------------------

The idea is like this: when a heartling is promoted for a new job, he first takes the specific tool and quickly changes his dress. Now in this particular moment isn’t it possible to add a timer code along with the dress?

What is a timer code?
Answer: I am comparing the dress with the berries that comes in every 24hs after getting picked. Berry bushes have timer code just like many other things in stonehearth.

Now, I am hoping that it is possible to add a timer code to the dress. The time for each dress can be 10days or 15days. When the dress expires or reaches to the ending time the hearthling will go to stockpile and wear a new dress just like old times ( sparkling sound and golden smokes…).

Now, what happens if there is no dress in the stockpile made by the weaver? The hearthling will be sad for sure. Moreover he will stop socializing. As his dress is shabby+old he will not roam around the town any more and stay idle most of the time. He will not restocking items as he is shy to go in front of other hearthlings. If there are enough houses, the hearthling might stay inside the house as well.

As soon as the weaver makes a new dress he will run across the stockpile and change his dress. The new dress can have new designs and colors. It depends on what kind of dress the weaver is told to make by the player.

We already have is in the game

As we see a footman to change his dress according to his level increased my idea is almost the same. The differences is that when a footman wears a new leveled up dress his old dress is not destroyed instead the old dress is being picked up and kept in the stockpile for future use. But in my idea, the old dress will be destroyed (for all types of hearthlings) whenever a new dress is wore.

Why am I telling this?

  1. It will make the game more realistic
  2. The importance of weaver is increased
  3. Adds colorful dresses
  4. Game complexity increased
  5. Silkweed will be as important as herbs in the dailylife of a hearthling

I don’t expect it to be only a mod, I expect that this will be added to the main game as well in future.


As I have said before, many classes lack proper clothing which could easily be added by any modder as well.

while i dont think this is a bad idea, the only prob is there would be to many options… so either there would be a few ones OR you would need to have 1 slot with a bar so you can slide between them

Simply make lvl 1 and lvl 6 items for everything non combat and save the space