Leaves In A New Town

So i made this song kinda in a daydream, and honestly i imagine this playing during the fall time in Hearthstone, specifically the Ascendancy.

Link to the song: Falling Leaves In A New Town by Railiah Moore | Free Listening on SoundCloud


Nice chord progression with a very classic 8bit game sound. A little bit of production to soften up some of the downbeats and it’d be a great addition to a mod! :merry:

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I like it a lot! It has a nice nostalgic, melancholic feel. You should mod it in. Might need some tweaking to match the volume range of the existing soundtrack, and maybe soften the background (snare drum?) in the latter part of the song as it’s a bit overpowering for a BGM track. Making it limited to autumn would involve some coding, but just adding it to the mix based on kingdom and day/night is pretty straightforward.