Large Stone Golems can phaseshift through rock ceiling

Summary: Large stone golems are clearly taller than 4 voxels high, but can walk without crouching into a 4 voxel high cave/mine.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Mine a 4 voxel high cave.
  2. Have your Hearthlings inside the cave mining like a boss…or a worker who was told to work like a boss by his boss
  3. Large stone golem walks in like “Whuddup guys? You thought a low ceiling would keep me out? Pssh. Now give me your lunch money!”

Expected Results: The golem should either have a ducking/crouching animation or not be able to enter such a short area.

Actual Results: Large stone golem don’t give a rock, at least until you kill him. Walks in like he owns the place. Which he might because maybe the rocks in the mine belong to him, like the emeralds belonging to the Nome King in that Return to Oz movie from my childhood. Geez I’m old.


Version Number and Mods in use: 2960