Landmarks. Can I scale it down without losing detail?


So my question is whether or not I can scale the model of my landmarks in a similar way you do with other entities using something like:

   "components": {
      "render_info": {
         "scale": 0.05

Because if I have to scale it down inside of Qubicle it will lose detail.

Not sure who is the best to ask, but I think @malley was the “Landmark” guy lol :wink:


from my experimentation, scaling it down would not work, since one block is one block ingame, and you cant have the game spawn half a stone block, for instance. so im guessing you have have to deal with the loss of detail @AndrealVox :confused:


@AndrealVox - @Wouter_Sikkema is correct, scaling in game is the same concept as scaling down in qubicle, you will lose detail. Because the world is made of voxels of a specific size (and landmarks are actual terrain voxels) there is no way around that. Scaling down as you describe ‘should’ technically work though, so you can try various scales and see which you like better. They should be the exact same as qubicle, but there may be some strange issues with centering… hopefully they won’t be noticeable.