Lagging Builder

The new Alpha came along with a new builder, Hooray!
However there seems to be a problem…

Compared to the old builder, this one comes with many more features, however somethings are causing issues.

My problem is: When ever I’m loading a template that I have built, why doesn’t it place properly, or move to the location in which I am trying to place it in. The builder feels like it’s lagging and I don’t know how to fix it.

i noticed for old houses that you seems to need to lower them 1 block with shift+, or shift+. to move it up or down because old building system had floor 1 block lower default.

I wish the raise or lower function worked better so I could raise/lower more than a block…sometimes my templates are floating so high I can’t place them. Clearing the ground sometimes helps but not always.

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It isn’t that the buildings don’t place properly, the builder itself lags. I can’t place the buildings in precise places, it lags and won’t place them where I want it. It’s all over the place

Happens to me to quiet a bit and roads are really messy you cant really place anything on them if they are built maybe same with all houses.

Yea even though the new builder is in the Alpha, it is not perfect yet, it do seem to get a bit lesser laggy in the Latest Beta branch though.

The next period will be a real struggle to get through, if you only play the game for enjoyment, lots of bugs and stuff that is really annoying… But it will get better! We will reach the next mountainpeak as soon as we have traversed this valley :sunny:

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