Ladders and Scaffolding

Excessive use of ladders and scaffolding:

Building a small roof and so much wood is used for it:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build something small or large
  2. they put in ladders and scaffolding
    3)they keep putting in ladders and scaffolding on and on and on

Expected Results:
use the minimalist of ladders and scaffolding
Actual Results:
Put in alot fo ladder and scaff

Just lower the rate they need the ladder and scaffolding.

Maybe when they build from the bottom up, when they get to the area they cant reach then build the ladder or scaffolding. But if they can reach it or get the area that need to be built w/o a ladder or scaffolding they wont build one

Versions and Mods:

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I’ve ran into issues with this as well - ladder and scaffolding construction seems too eager/optimistic.

  • A section of support ladder is built in the same space as part of the slab (ladder was built first, then slab built on top)
  • There’s also an unreachable ladder placement on top of some pots.

  • Scaffolding and ladders overlapping the same unit of space

And lastly,

  • Post-construction, some ladders & scaffolding were not deconstructed.
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