Lack of Combat Notification If Footmen Initiate Combat

Summary: When Footmen initiate combat off screen with the Phoenix Empire, there’s no notification of the combat taking place.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a footman out gathering resources off screen when a crypt appears nearby
  2. Footman starts to destroy the crypt objects
  3. Necromancer and undead emerge from crypt and pummel footman
  4. Notification of footman’s low health is the first notification to appear to indicate combat had been initiated

Expected Results: If the footman engages in combat, I’d expect to be notified of it when it starts rather than when his/her health is low.

Actual Results: Footman often dies before I have time to pause the game and click on the low health notification to find his location because I typically play on fast forward.

Notes: This issue seems to only have arisen since the footmen started to gather resources. Previously, they would always just patrol around the campsite and farm plots. I like that the footmen gather resources now, but this is an unfortunate side effect it seems.

Version Number and Mods in use: A16


I have also had this happen to me and lost good hearthlings to it

I tried to destroy a crypt with my archer and she got stuck in the fence -_-