Knights do not upgrade their weapons

My knights do want to use metal swords. they keep their wooden swords while there is a stone chest full of iron/steel swords. they do get armour wich is in the same chest and the knights are between lvl 2-4

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What mods are you using? Are you playing with ACE?

I am only using ace

I’m trying to reproduce the issue here but my knights are getting new weapons normally…

I’d either need the save game or more information like screenshots of the place where the weapons are, of the knights, which weapons are there, etc…

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here is the file 2021-01-22_qrcbbtgwm |,

the weapons are stored in A stonechest outside the front of the storagebuilding in the centre of the town.

(and the large wall/castle that is being build as some red highlights wich I do not understand why they are there, so if you have time… please also look at that)

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From what I can see, the only swords you have are “long swords” which is a Footman’s weapon:

You can see the Job that can use the weapon by the icons indicated by the yellow arrow above

One of your Knights has a sword, and if you click him you’ll see it is a short sword. The Knight’s swords are all the short swords, as you can see here:

As you can see, you can check when crafting (yellow arrow) the Job that will use that weapon :slight_smile:

I’ve marked in red the swords that can be used by the Knight (and in orange other Knight weapons that are not swords)

I hope this helps!

As for the building, I don’t know if I’ve seen all of them here but the ones I’ve seen seem to be blocks that they simply can’t seem to be reaching for some reason (because it’s a HUGE template… good work, by the way - looks very cool!) what you can do is provide them with additional ladders (like I show in the gif below):

And then they will build it!
Just remember to order the ladders to be removed afterwards - but you should be able to do that on all the parts with red blocks when they appear :jubilant:

I hope these will help you!
Have fun :merry:


thx man… I am A retard for not noticing that. thx again

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Hey, don’t say that about yourself :jubilant:
It happens! There’s a lot to notice, we’re bound to miss things every now and then.

Stay safe and have fun!


My hobby became checking bug reports on this site bc its just so wholesome


I know, right? The community ACE built is really awesome, and Dani is an international treasure!

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