Crafting Knight Armor Level seems wrong A17(572 & 582)

The 2 knight armor; both Armor & Helm sets have same crafting level. As in both sets are craftable at level 6; which makes is redundant to even craft the non-silver one. made should be level 5 for the Steel set?

Minor thing, but wanted to point that out.

I have seen this as well and wondered about it. The only thing I could deduce is that the plate is available if you do not have access to silver. I totally agree that there is no point investing the materials into to plate if you can craft the superior silver one.

But the crafting level doesn’t matter for the knight, not because both are crafted at level 6, but because that is a separate level from the one used to chose which armor to wear.

You see, the blacksmith can do both at the same time, but knights can’t wear both at the same time.

The steel can be worn by the knight early, at level 1.
While the silver can only be worn after he reached level 3

So, yes, you can craft both at the same level, but knights will not be able to wear both, only after level 3, which then he will only chose the silver armor


Still feels like a gap. Even if wearing is different level. Since it is the only armor that is crafted for the knight. So you would have to wait a very long time to even get any new armor for the knight even if knight is of level to wear.

My knight is already level 5, and I barely got my smith to level 5. That is what I am getting at. It that by the time you are able to craft said armor, the knight will be able to wear the top armor, and that is assuming you make a knight soon as you can craft the shield.

There is enough combat for the knight to level at a decent pace. Then again my focus is on building of course, but still doesn’t make any sense when that is the only armor the knight can wear beyond default. There are only 2 sets, and what ever cloths the knight comes with.

Don’t know why it was changed, as It was at 5 before; I think… Before the engineer that is.

Might be just the way I play that gets my knight on par with my smith skills… It is just how I feel, when armor sets are of same level, despite the equip level. A min/max person would just most likely craft the silver over the other, since they can craft them. Might even go out of way to find silver. Although finding silver isn’t too difficult, at least in the forest level, and enemy loot.

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If your knight is reaching high level before your blacksmith, then you are not using the blacksmith a lot. I always get him to 6 even before getting a knight.

But even with your play style, consider that this behavior is only for your first knight.
The second knight will come later, and your blacksmith will be already maxed.

Btw, I’m not against it, nor in favor, either way is fine for me. I’m just giving the reason I think they used when deciding the level requirements.


yeah I understand.

I am using my blacksmith… always have something qued. I think it is just the sheer amount of battles I have gotten in during the goblin campaign that leveled my knight so quickly. And I am on normal. Probably due to the military score; being early in the goblin campaign facing kobolds and orcs… I have 1 of each combat class minus the mechanic or what ever that class is called.

Constantly getting attack reports 2-3 times in 24 hour period in-game time. Granted there were a couple times it was only 1, but usually at night.

So it is not that I am not using smith… It will probably be the only knight I will ever have. With the type of units that come to fight, leveling a knight is quite quick anyhow. Orcs and kobolds give lots of xp for low level units.

Regardless it makes sense, although would prefer it to not be crafting redundant. Just figured I would point out just in case it was not intended. Maybe if they added more armor sets or something then it really wouldn’t matter. :slight_smile:

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