Crafting Weapons

So, I’m kind of curious. What weapons do you end up building for your footmen, and in what order? Which weapons do you skip completely? Do you outfit your entire army with the same weapons, or have some variety? At what point do you consider your army fully outfitted and able to take on everything?

Perhaps this discussion may be useful for gameplay balancing down the line.


Usually, I prefer something like this

Trainer Sword


Padded Vest

Better Weapons


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But which ones, specifically?

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Well With the Blacksmith guys I prefer hammers but that can decrease speed so Iron Swords Are usually the way to go. (Hammer(ers) are usually my defense’s secret weapon)

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Training Sword

Wooden Shield

Stone Maul

Bronze Maul

Steel Long Sword + Steel Vest + Steel Shield

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Personally I go with the stone maul first, then I skip ahead to the iron mace. Ultimately I try to get a long sword, but steel takes so long to get that I’ve usually wiped out all the waves of the goblin campaign before I can even craft one.

I don’t build any of the bronze weapons or the iron pike. They seem to be a waste of time and resources. Parrying is currently not that useful to me, same with reach, as I usually have four footmen with at least bronze armor and a wooden shield, and they wreck things before they take much damage.

Ultimately I want to deck my guys out in full steel, armor, shield, and weapons.


I go like this: wooden sword -> hammer from mason -> (and finally) buy the weapon from merchant (the one for 105 gold. It’s really powerful).
And for armor: buy padded vest -> craft bronze plate -> craft steel armor
And shields are a no brainer, since there are only two hehe

Summary: wooden sword + starter shield -> mason hammer + padded vest -> steel shield + bronze armor -> steel armor

It’s really easy to make money if you craft a few dozen dressers and sell them to the merchant. 1 dresser is 30+ gold (44g for a fine one) and you can buy all of your army the 105g weapons (I’m sorry I really don’t remember the name) + armor + some worker outfits to speed up your team :smile: