Kickstarter - The Book of Unwritten Tales 2


a fantastic looking point-and-click adventure:+1:

After “The Critter Chronicles” explored the past of our heroes, we wanted to continue the epic story of The Book of Unwritten Tales 1 and show their future adventures. But we have taken our time, because expectations are high – both our own and from the community.


Do I need say anything @SteveAdamo…Do I?


all I can say is, I’m sorry…

I’m sorry there are more awesome games that demand your hard earned cash… I’m sorry I’m somewhat strapped for cash at the moment…

and most importantly, I’m sorry I let @Geoffers747 crash in my guest room last night… honestly man! that sort of stuff might fly in jolly old England, but not here buddy!


Played both prequels to this one and can only say this is totaly worth the pledge :wink:


@SteveAdamo You need to start putting disclaimers on these saying your not actually backing…


Haha, that amused me @Newf :P. I, personally, like that we have our little honor system for good kickstarter projects, I mean that is how we got our start after all :blush:


what makes you say that? I may have more than one KS profile you know… being internet famous has its downsides too… :smile:


It looks pretty cool =D

Now if only I wasn’t broke from buying SH and Qubicle =/ lol


I am a bit internet famous too y’know. Don’t mean I got more than one KS account.