Kickstarter - Source by Fenix Fire

So, as I was randomly browsing the Games Section of the Kickstarter Website, I fell upon this little Gem.

Here it is.

Source by Fenix Fire

SOURCE is a metroidvania action adventure game for next gen consoles and PC. Existing in an alternate dimension, you control a firefly creature with the unique power to manipulate energy with every living being in a strange, bio luminescent world. However, this world is being devoured by a sinister and relentless dark energy that is literally tearing the world apart, and it is your destiny as the last of your kind to stop the terrible threat of extinction.

C’mon guys! This Project hasn’t even reached halfway through it’s goal and has 10-Days left to be backed!

Let’s make this dream a reality!


Sorry, but the Video won’t come up. If a Mod could come and Edit the Post so it will that would be great.

EDIT: It works! It just needed some time.

Damn it!!! Just when I was trying to save money!!!

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I didn’t discover this first? I sense a disturbance in the force…


I don’t know if you’ve known this, but I’m more of an Adventurer/Discoverer than you.