Kickstarter - Outward: The Adventurer Life Sim

morning folks! was just perusing KS and this campaign caught my eye… strikes me as a sort of co-op Skyrim (but with a better quest system!)… :smile:

An open world RPG with co-op and survival elements. To be released on PC and consoles.


Stop it Steve! You’re killing my wallet.


apologies! I wasn’t looking to back any new projects at the moment… but as soon as I saw the player setting up his campsite (that tent unfolding animation!), I knew I was in trouble… :smile:


WAAAAAAAAAAT??!! :scream: :joy:

Why you do this to me…


The project looks fairly nice already, but it feels like there’s been a lot of survival sims out recently, like Stranded Deep and The Long Dark. It feels like they’d need to do a lot with both the survival/building/crafting and the RPG/combat portions they’ve shown to really make it stand out and have a lot to offer to the player.

You all know me fairly well–I like a little mechanical with my medieval when it comes to fantasy-styled games, so it’s probably not the game for me (it seems strictly middle ages- based). It still looks like an interesting project, though, so hopefully they can hit that goal and make that concept shine!


I hear what you’re saying. But people such as myself are obsessed with medieval ages and having fantasy on top of it is just like pouring more dessert on your dessert. Then add in coop, a quest system like the one they described on their KS page:

In Outward, we’d rather have quests that feel alive than being yet another box in a list waiting for you to check off. In order to accomplish that, we design quest failures and successes as part of your personal storyline.

For example, in a quest, you might be tasked to intervene in a dire political conflict between an underpaid mercenary camp and a small mining village controlled by one of the leading factions. The situation is urgent and the outcome will play out with or without you. Ignoring the assignment for too long might result in that village getting razed to the ground by the very monsters the mercenaries were holding off, or someone else might come along to resolve the situation.

Add in the fact according to what the devs have said you don’t end up a godly hero that never fears anything after level 30:

Outward’s combat reflects that you aren’t some godly hero. The enemies can cast spells, use equipment, and fight just as you can. You simply aren’t the only one in this world able to grow in power.

The weapon system (they have effing spears already which tells me a lot! >.> I’m looking at you Skyrim!):

Combat is focused instead on outperforming your opponent through clever planning beforehand and manipulating the situation to gain the upper hand.

Weapons types all have unique movesets with each attack having a different pattern, reach, speed, and force. Allowing the player to gracefully overpower their foe and catch them off guard.

OMG I could go on, @SteveAdamo, you’ve created a monster! I am backing this, it’s happening. My bank account will now weep along with me. :cry: And just when I was being so fiscally responsible! Blast…


i would buy the game just because of this…

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shut up! you had me at… CO-OP…

EDIT: When can i play it?

Hmm it saddens me a bit that it is going to be set in stone which faction comes out on top :frowning:

Cool game but I fear that that the amount of choices are not going to be large enough as that kind of stuff takes time.

I really hope this one starts a trend though it would be awesome if one of the big companies made something similar. As that would probably mean that the players aount of choices would be wider.

(I am dreaming of a game some day which gets near being an open pen and paper game)

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Me too. It’s the only part of the whole idea I don’t understand. It seems counter productive to the entire layout of the game, this idea that you’re just some regular adventurer but one that still has an impact upon the events that play out. Why would I want some preset faction to “come out on top” as they put it if I wanted to support another faction and have the opportunity to promote them and one day see them on top instead?

I wonder if that could be a stretch goal at least? Though I doubt it because for some reason they seem to have that pretty set in stone.


Though it kinda makes sense if they are going to keep the budget realistic.

They would need to make 4 different versions of all post main-quest evetns that mentions or are influenced by the factions. Plus the extra amount of work it would take to actually make the player able to influence how the ending works out and all the extra quest based on how the conlfict progresses.


True I suppose I hadn’t thought about it in those terms but with such a small team budget is definitely an issue and while I see their pie chart of how they plan to spend the $ I still don’t know entirely their goals and total expenditure. Nor do I entirely know their game mechanic priorities.


Only 14 days left on this KS and they’ve got a long way to go. :disappointed:

It’s still possible to get their funding but that would require a lot of large investments in a short amount of time so I find it unlikely. I only hope they consider restarting their campaign like the folks behind Deadwood have done.

I just don’t see how an upcoming game like Outward could go unnoticed or ignored. I think their choice of starting the KS campaign right around the time GTA V released (even though they’re very different games) was not such a great idea. I mean I was all over GTA V because I never played it on consoles so when it released on PC it was new to me.

Plus Witcher 3 is coming on May 19th, another game I’ll be all over. I hope they can plan their KS (if they reboot) for a period of downtime or when there’s less super popular games about to, or which have recently, hit the market.

I’d really hate to see a game like this fall through the cracks…due to poor timing/insufficient marketing. :sweat:

Yeah that is kinda sad I would wish I had money to support them with.

Yeah I know what ya mean. I probably shouldn’t have backed them due to my finance but the game is so close to what I love I felt I had to. I backed at 35 USD mark only but every little bit helps and it’s what I can manage right now.

I’m sure the game will still be made. They wouldn’t have invested so much time into it already if they weren’t going to push through with it regardless of the KS campaign. But I’m sure that 120k would have been a significant help and reduce the overall financial burden while allowing them to, perhaps, spend additional time and resources adding in more sought after features.

Hello guys,
I’m a developer on this project. I’m happy to see that you are interested in our project :slight_smile: Indeed, all the help is welcome, even if it’s just spreading the word. We just got a few shoutouts from big names such as

Cliff Bleszinski (creator of Unreal and Gears of War)
John Romero (creator of Doom)
and Chris Avellon (writer for several RPGs such as Planescape: Torment)

If you guys have Twitter, I encourage you to fav and retweet those to increase the chance of a snowball effect.

We are also working on a KS update with more info. So keep an eye on that.


Apparently, I can’t post many links yet and the direct twitter link result a 2+ link in a post…

I’m really sorry, you will have to find their tweets on their channel…

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The two others.

fixed that for ya… good luck!! :+1:


Hi, I’m the animator at ninedots. You don’t know how much this comment made my day :blush:. It was all done by hand without physic to be able to control the flow of the animation with precision . For me, doing this game is a dream come through and the perfect opportunity to improve and chow my skills. I’m glade that so many peoples love it.