Kickstarter - Confederate Express


yes, another monday… and yet another KS campaign that might be worthy of your hard earned rubles…

im always a sucker for good pixel art, but the destructive component of this looks like it would be a ton of fun… :smile:

Confederate Express is a strategy-oriented tactical RPG. Confederate Express is all about exploration, fighting enemies, and making your way towards the main goal: trying to survive while delivering a package.


Steve, why do you hate me and my wallet?


i apologize profusely to you and your wallet…

but just look at it this way… you can take out your pent up aggression by exploderizing some Rebellion outlaws… :smile:


I have now bought a bike lock and put it on my wallet, I gave the key to my friend


You live in Texas, you of all people should know that the South will rise again… right…?

And please, enough of this Chinese Wallet Torture (c wut i did thurr, hurr hurr)!!!


We are not amused!