Kenshi RPG on Steam

There’s an in-development MMO called Kenshi ( which I just noticed was on steam (on sale, of course). Has anyone here played it, any thoughts?

It looks like it could be really cool, but my judgement is awful on these. Bought DayZ and played it for like 5 minutes, blah.

Edit: Just noticed there is a demo at Kenshi 0.58.3 file - Indie DB Will try that when I have a free night.

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I’ve been watching this off and on for awhile now. It is definitely not an MMO though. It is a single player squad based RPG in a deep open world. What caught me was building your own city from scratch. Apparently the logistics of moving supplies out to somewhere takes almost as long as actually building a building. Each person can only carry so much weight.

Didn’t know there was a demo though, thanks for that!

wasnt aware of this either… thanks!

i looked at this briefly a while back… the open-world concept looked to be pretty extensive… and watching some recent footage shows quite a bit of depth to the crafting system…

could be worth a closer look! :smile:

I’m actually a mod on the Kenshi forums.

It’s not an MMO, and yes there is a demo that includes pretty much the whole game with some limitations (eg on squad size and skill limit).

It’s definitely worth a try for people who like open world RPG. I was especially attracted to the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around the player character as in most RPG :
In Kenshi you are not supposed to be the center of the world (at least as long as you haven’t decided you want to enslave everyone else).
You’ll get your “quests” by listening to rumours for example and “jumping” into the action.
For example you hear that bandits are planning to attack a village, so you can try to protect the village, assault the bandits beforehand or even join them to steal all the delicious p­ies from the villagers or you can just watch from far away while drinking beer and come back later to scavenge.

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this should be on their marketing literature… who can say no to gameplay options like these? :smile:

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It’s an objective of the game, but it’s still in beta so there’s still some ways to go until it’s really complete like it was meant to be.
But the game is already very fun to play and each update adds new stuff that adds to the awesome.

The example of possible gameplay I wrote about above is a dramatized version out of my personal experience I had some long time ago:
I saw a large number of bandits randomly marching towards a city and I just knew this would end up badly for either the city or the bandits.
So I decided to put my men on a nearby hill, I send one runner to my base to grab all the backpacks I had and waited for the battle to begin and end so I could valiantly scavenge afterwards.
In the end I even decided to heroically join the battle so I could pick on the few remaining limping survivors.

Sorry for the shor ttext, im writing on the smartphone, today i bought the game and try to play it… 8 times before my first uninstall (rage uninstall), then i download it for second time and try to play it… more calm and relaxed. Now i have a 8mens-squad trying to build our base-home. I must say it… this game seems interesting, at least for me. And i think ita like mount and blade… but having all on the map, no like the other, who have battles, cities and map exploration on 3 differents ways