Zafehouse Diaries - Now On Steam

Continuing with my good news for Zombie and/or Steam fans, Zafehouse Diaries is now available on Steam.

If you already own the game then check your emails as you have probably received your code already!

Steam link.

09/09/2013: You can currently pick it up for $2 on GOG

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Let me know if its any good, I’m playing The Walking Dead for the first time now.

I enjoy Zafehouse, it’s a bit of a different experience as everything is done through the map/ notebook. But if you’re into the management/ story side of things I’d recommend it!

There’s a few game modes for it as well which always keep things interesting :smile:

The Walking Dead Telltale game is fantastic , “Survival Instinct” on the other hand … well, I think that’s best described as shovelware.


honestly, can there be “too many zombie games”? thanks for the link, once again! :smile: