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Hello All,

I am JWall and i am par taking a YouTube venture, as you can see by the thread Title. I joined the YouTube gaming community in May last year and had been making content on a irregular schedule. Now, I’ve become more active and have a sort of regular program of videos appearing on my channel.
Now i know what your thinking; Here’s just another person who makes videos of themselves playing games. And your right yes. I cant say i am the best in the industry but i give it a go.

Anyway im posting this because i want to share my Stonehearth journey with you. When i back it on Kickstarter i did not plan to play this and record it but i fell so in love with the game i just had to share it. On my Channel i show the very beginnings to Stonehearth when it was first playable and not the graphical test. Explaining Updates and the general UI and AI in the game. The team at radiant entertainment have amazing update videos but my mates don’t watch them so i try to fill the gap. I also find it easier to talk about problems on video than typing a huge bug report. Here’s a link to my Playlist which will be all the alpha builds and updates to Stonehearth :

Following on from that, i was asked by a viewer if i would make a series of the game. I would explain how it is currently quite unstable to make a full series but i soldiered on as a term and have a couple of mini series. These are my Kingdom playthroughs where i try to play the game normally. Currently only have 2 so far but i am sure i will make more:
Kingdom of Comfortshire

Kingdom of Hope Crossing

I am also posting this as i seem to be the only one making videos for this game on YouTube on a regular bases. all the rest seem to be live streaming. However i may be wrong, so sorry if that’s the case.

I don.t only play Stonehearth on my channel. I am in a Regiment which play events for Mount and blade - Napoleonic Wars and i show off our events. Currently lots of siege. and i have also dabbled into men of war since i enjoy my RTS games and WW2 history.

Sorry for all the text and another person talking YouTube, i promise this will be my only time. If you enjoy my channel please stick around and sub as there will be plenty more. I have even got a couple of other games i backed on kickstarter which i cant wait to get. And my regiment friends gave me some games as an early christmas prezzy so ill be checking them out too.

Message to the dev team: I LOVE YOU

Thanks all and catch you next time


Keep an eye out this week for a series finale from my latest Stonhearth Kingdom this week. :slight_smile:

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There will be no more stonhearth videos on my channel for the rest of this year, and until the latest update is released. Just to warn any one who has been enjoying my kingdom series.

Cheers :smile:


I say the above and then Alpha seven gets released. So i played it till 2 in the morning which was awesome.

Here’s an update video on the new features by me as well as a look at my new small village.

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So i took on Twitch with this test stream and the game i chose was of course the fantastic Stoneheath. Check out all the goings on here with this highlight.

just so you know, its almost 2 hrs long.

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