Just not feelin' up to war today

I will occasionally have fighters just not respond to attack commands.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. ???
  2. Order a unit into combat.

Expected Results:
They march off to war.

Actual Results:
They stay at home that day.

I can occasionally goad them into the area using move commands instead, at which point they’ll start fighting, but they won’t rush off to attack someone I’ve marked as a target or move to an area I’ve marked as an attack target. Sending individual commands rather than party commands sometimes works better

I’ve seen them marked as “Engaged in combat” when this happens, although I can’t say if it happens every time.

EDIT: Also, I just tried teleporting someone who had done this, and the teleport failed. Not sure why, or if that’s important.


Version Number and Mods in use:
3023, no mods.

System Information:
Windows 10 64-bit
Toshiba Laptop (Satellite P855)
Intel i5 Processor, 4-Core, 2.5 GHz
680 GB Hard Drive
Integrated Graphics Card

PS: I love your game.

Maybe your village was so big that it hogged on your AI?

They often have delayed responses when you have a ton of Hearthlings and the computer is trying to manage all their AI

if that’s the case, try pausing the game for a few seconds and see if they move after you resumed it

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I basically always pause the game when I’m sending battle orders, so I know that wasn’t it. Though if I didn’t, I definitely would’ve had to test that suggestion, because I’ve been adoring the x4 speed option~

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